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About Us

We are about more than just socializing!  We focus on making connections, both professional and personal.  You will have the chance to share your experiences, celebrate your successes, gain confidence, mentor others, and build a strong support system.

What kinds of topics do we cover in meetings?

We do so much in our meetings!  Sometimes we have speakers, and sometimes we do roundtable discussions.  We always have the chance to learn and grow - and we always have fun!  A sampling of things we may cover are:

  • Goal setting

  • Wellness

  • Personal development

  • Leadership skills

  • Financials

  • Using social media

  • Productivity

  • Assertiveness

  • Marketing

  • Work/Life balance

  • Finding your passion

Because we are a member-driven organization, we are always working to cover topics that are important to you.  Some meetings will focus on professional development, some on personal development.  

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